The Akaaba Group: Scorch The Earth.
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The Akaaba

We are original, strong minded individuals. We aren’t hacks.
We are, what should be called, talented. As opposed to what is called talented now.

We are, or have the potential to be, multi-talented 
entertainersJournalists / dancers /musicians /singersartists / people.

Join us and let the Akaaba fuel you and move you into the right direction.

Mentioned below are just the comedians of the Akaaba Group. But if you click on the provided links highlighted at the top and bottom of this page, you will see the personal websites of all the people in all genre's of entertainment we associate with... Welcome to our little party...

Jeremy Paul - "The Apocalypse" -   
( (
    Inheritor of the mantle; The last of a dying breed. There have been plenty before him who have set the path, Jeremy is just the last to follow it. He tells the truth on stage and if the truth is too far, then that is Jeremy.
Capable of saying things that can get him put in a prison camp, but always with a valid point. Jeremy is usually the smartest guy in the room, but pretending to be the dumbest to avoid suspicion. That's Jeremy.
[editor's note: He's smarter than he looks, not as smart as he says though.]

Lauri Roggenkamp - "Death" 

Lauri is a woman with the kind of humor that everyone loves. There's a stigma about female comedians, and when it comes to Lauri, they are dead wrong. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone's influence in her style, which means she is doing something right. Check out her vids on youtube or her myspace for proof. Young enough to be likeable and becoming meaner by the performance. She slaughters audiences with her style alone.

Eric Koziatek: - "War" ) (twitter)
The villain. Eric is an extremely creative dude with aspirations towards greatness who, when on, scorches the earth. His utter disdain for most of comedy is unrivaled and he has the kind of ambition that only can be described as "star-screamish". Originally from St. Louis now living in california. If only he can stop plotting to kill stray cats long enough to perform at more shows. 

Chris Adams - "Abyss"
( ( (Twitter    
Chris, is all integrity and heart. He is unintentionally likable. He has a bigger picture for comedy, and wants people to see that picture. When performing, he continually attacks and brings everyone to his level of darkness with him. You should go see Chris Adams work and wonder why everyone else isn’t being as brutally honest and opinionated as he is...

Travis Lipski - "Holocaust" 
Travis hates comedy as it is now almost as much as he hates the internet. Travis is extremely funny.  He will destroy the minds of the weak that venture into a show he’s performing at. He says what should be said and is not afraid to alienate himself  from any audience during a show. Incredibly honest. Incredibly cruel. Incredibly funny. (And I bet you, if I check my email after he reads this, he will tell me to take this bullshit down. Hey Trav, you write this shit then and I'll put it up here)

 Jonny Loquasto: - "Pestilence"
( (Twitter)
Loq. Jonny is an ever evolving performer. His sets are damn near always full of energy and high entertainment value. A Pennsylvania boy, with California hair and a midwesterner's common sense. His style of comedy is decidedly less morose than the rest of The 7, but that makes him more infectious and you'll never know what his agenda is until its too late. Plus females aged 12 to 42 years old love him. Its never a sausage fest at a Loquasto Show.

Laura Hayden: - "Famine"
Laura has the driest wit and delivery of any comic, male or female, you will ever know. Watching Laura perform is always fun because she lets the audience carry her in the direction that they want her to perform. Want clean jokes, she'll do it. Want mindless dick jokes, she got those. Want hack premises and douchebaggery? Look elsewhere.

Joe Braza  - "Plague"
( (
    Joe is Joe. Braza is the kind of comic that can get you to laugh at his name alone. Many an individual has tried guessing what he's after, no one is ever right. When you go to see Joe perform, you better be ready for either the best experience you'll have in a night, or one of the most puzzling moments of your life.

Ed Greer "Destruction"  (Twitter)
Have you ever just watched someone and liked them even though you suspected they have a quiet disdain for you and your beliefs? Well, Ed is that kind of comedian. Usually the funniest person on a bill full of supposed headliners. He's one of the most respected and affable individuals you'll have the pleasure of watching.
Drift Roberts - "Cull" (Twitter)
A lot of comedians say, "Man I wish I could have started that early, I'd have a leg up." Well, Drift did start that early. He has already done the hard part of figuring out what is and isn't funny for him to talk about and he, we suspect, in the future will have more to mine in the coming decades to take over the mantle of The Last One.


    We have the will to destroy it all and then rebuild entertainment better for the coming generations. If you are fit to join. Stay fit or perish in the coming of the Akaaba clan ...

So you've read most of the literature and now you want to possibly book a member of the Akaaba? Well click here and leave a message. 

- Akaaba Clan

Friends of the Akaaba (and sites to check out)

The Comedy BureauThe Comedy Bureau
Liv Warfield (singer)
Open Mike Eagle (hip-hop artist)
Jayk Gallagher  (actor)
Laura Hayden (comedian)
Jason Freaking Bang (comedian/producer)
Rosie Tran (comedian)
Ro Delle Grazie (comedian)
The Reverand Brian Dowell (valued contributer)
Rich Ornelas (comedian) 
Richard Benjamin (Hip hop artist)
Alan Lebetkin (comedian)
Brett Erickson (comedian) (comedian)
Jerry Brandt)    (comedian)
James Jericho (comedian)
Ed Greer   (comedian)
Matt Claybrooks (comedian)
Alvin Stockdale (comedian)
Sirkleskware Designs
Robbie Pickard (comedian)
Eric Jenkins
 (video editer)
Cristiana (comedian)
Shayne Michael (comedian)

Also keep an eye out for Jim Bruce, David Rosenberg and Chris Dunham. You might not have heard of them, but you should...
The Akaaba are entirely independent of any other similar sounding, spelled, or pronounced group, religious symbol/entity/affect or creation. Any similarities to any other individuals or names or group or creation is unintended and/or purely meant as satire. I'm not an idiot. I read comic books. I know they exist. We have no ties to Marvel Comics whatsoever nor the names of their characters which are essentially words closely tied to certain religious doctrine, that are easily said and appropriated by common individuals.
Jeremy Paul is in no way shape or form anyone's management. Jeremy Paul will act as a 3rd party in most cases to ensure that the individual(s) you are seeking to hire are notified, he collects no fees from such happenings and is doing so because these people are his friends.
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