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Let me introduce myself, in the third person...
Jeremy Paul has big shoes to fill in, and not enough time to do it.

I was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois, a city known for very few things: Caterpillar, poverty and deceased comedic legends: Sam Kinison and Richard Pryor. 

I am, likely, the last of a dying breed of comedian. You can go anywhere else for your Clinton and Kardashian jokes or impressions of famous people. Whatever I say onstage is based on my thoughts, experiences and my opinions. 

I am, also, not your typical black comedian. I am a comedic apocalypse, an acquired taste, yet highly addictive, like heroin, but without the shakes or vomiting.

The second you hear my voice, you are instantly drawn into my reality. A reality where its okay to laugh at tragedy. Where it’s okay to have violent after-thoughts. A reality where it's okay to say things like " ...Maybe it was a mistake having sex with his wife..." in public. 

I am a comedian. I do not pretend to be something I am not. I do want things, and while I'm working towards getting them, I want you to understand this much about me.

"All I want to do is entertain drunken fools in darkened rooms with lights pointed at me. Not gunfire. Actual 80 watt bulbs. Regaling them with my tales of debauchery, revenge and baseless, yet remarkably on point opinions. Book me, and there will be laughter."

I have big shoes to fill, and not enough time to fill them, but maybe I can make some newer shoes and people can try to fill them after I'm gone.

Personal Message From Jeremy

"Thanks for your support. It is much appreciated. Be sure to come to the shows as they are listed..."

2015 Schedule!!!

Okay. I know it took me a year and a half to update my schedule, I promise to do better.

July 11-12
Sherman Oaks
Details at
Cost: $10

More shows posted shortly!

Chris Adams' Multimedia show.
March 29th (rescheduled from february). 9pm Hollywood Improv. 8162 Melrose Ave Los Angeles , CA 90046 Cost: $14.00

Want Jeremy Paul to perform in your town? Email him here and then call the place closest to you and request Jeremy Paul. Direct them to this webiste.
Facts about Jeremy Paul.

Jeremy has appeared on television in many capacities. The oddest, of course, was when he recited some of his original poetry on a show which aired on PBS affiliates...

Was shown on an episode of Pit Boss. He was just informed that that happened. He never watched the show, but hey, it's something.

He placed 3rd, in the 22nd installment of The Ultimate Laff-Down.

Was co-host of The B-Word. Which was also hosted by the late Percy Baker on WBGE-92.3.

He performed stand up for the first time at a grade school talent show, as a 6 year old. He did two dirty minutes. No one laughed.

Jeremy used to be a rap artist. Here is a song he did with a group called Deep Impact, which featured current best selling poet J.L. Kirkwood. 

He was voted the MVP of his high school football team, though he is, even now, still bitter about the amount of playing time he received that year.

The projects that he grew up in, no longer exist. The Warner Homes were bulldozed in 2002 because of numerous fires, gang activity and drugs..

Previous jobs Jeremy has had: Writer for a variety show. Radio show co-host. Paper boy. Burger flipper at McDonalds. Songwriter. Casino Worker.

Jeremy was influenced to try stand up early on by Fozzy Bear and Lawanda Page. He still loves Fozzy Bear's jokes.

An alum of Southern Illinois University. Fellow alumni include  Dennis Franz and Walt Frazier.

Lost more money gambling, in the years 2004-2008 than he has made in those same years.
Jeremy is a decent writer, but a terrible actor... He wrote this, but failed miserably on the acting, he might need lessons...

The headshot photo on this page of Jeremy Paul were taken but not retouched by request by Adam Asher. I highly recommend him...
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