The Akaaba Group: Scorch The Earth.
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This Better Be Funny: Co-Hosted by Jake Kroeger, whom is simply the most important person in Los Angeles' comedy scene and Jeremy Paul, whom overuses the word whom while writing. New episodes every Monday.

Drinking Buddies: Listen to every show Live, Wednesdays at 10pm on Co-Hosted by Chris Adams and Jerry Brandt 
{Jeremy is on episodes 6, (5/22/10) 7 (5/29/10) and 46 (4/22/11).}

Sports On Sunset: Jeremy Paul accompanies comedian James Jericho in this weekly sports talk show which takes on various sports topics both current and insane.

Jonny Loquasto's Youtube Channels: Jonny is involved in way too much funny shit for you to not check his youtube channels out. You'll find his hilarious "Off The  Ropes" series or him interviewing famous people or even a music video from his album Thugged In.

Naked Jeremy's Declarative Statements: Jeremy's web series in which he is naked and saying things which may or may not make sense to you. In short, Jeremy being himself.
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 the sexy dex skit.


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