The Akaaba Group: Scorch The Earth.
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Merchandise!!! Order Now. Or follow Jeremy to a show and say "gimme a shirt"

The first run of these shirts are SOLD OUT!!!
Second run of the shirts are sold out.

Third run/Full color prints of these shirts are coming soon! Pre-order your shirts via email now!

Full color prints are coming next! pre-order your hoodies and t-shirts now!!!
Also if you want keychains or Akaaba posters... Order now!!!

Order your t-shirt or Hoodie . List your name and size you want. Limited inventory,

(2 shirts per person).
This is the Logo...

The first run of shirts. 
Black, Grey, Brown and Blue. T's $12. Long sleeved $15. Hoodies $20.

This logo and/or other sayings will be on t-shirts, sweat shirts, hoodies and bumper stickers. 
The movement is coming...

'Scorch The Earth Mic' design courtesy of Sirkleskware Designs

Check out these cd's on Itunes, Google Play, Spotify or where ever you buy your music from!!!
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